A line is a dot that went for a walk – Paul Klee

Creative holidays

As an adult education teacher, I often wonder why and when children or adults lose that uncomplicated enthusiasm for ‘creating something’. Almost every child I have met professionally has, at one point, said proudly to me: ‘Anita, look what I have made!’. I am convinced that that pure enthusiastic ‘wanting to create something‘ is not lost but still in everyone of us.

If you can combine that pure enthusiasm with creativity skills, you will find that endless interesting creations can be made by adults as well as by children. So just find that uncomplicated basic enthusiasm again! I am happy to guide you in learning or refining your complementary creativity skills.

At Atelier Souriant you can paint, draw and
macramé under professional supervision

Active holidays

Spend your active holiday with like-minded people at La Forêt Souriante. It is a great destination to be active and unwind at the same time. Enjoy the peaceful and attractive nature that surrounds your charming home for a week (or two). Go hiking and inhale the freshness of the forest or go kayaking and experience the beautiful scenery along the Aveyron river nearby.

For small groups from 4 to 8 adults, we can provide a remarkable active holiday. Whether you want an all inclusive yoga or painting holiday or just a delightful holiday home with advice for exploring the area or training for team building. Just let us know what you are searching for and we will be more than happy to organize the most suitable holiday that meets your ideas and needs.

If you are a small group of like minded
friends, a nature club, a yoga group or
a company looking for an active holiday
and you like hiking, biking, painting,
yoga, kayaking or cooking: we can help.

Learning holidays

To me learning is all about the brain, the hands and the heart. That’s why you will find these three aspects of learning in all of my lessons. The subject for my lessons involves my two professional passions: Pedagogy (parenting) and Art.

Nature and gardening are part of my personal passions. The nature on La Forêt Souriante and our garden is an inspiring peaceful haven for offering courses dedicated to indulging your mind, body and soul, I cordially invite parents and professionals who work with children to increase and share their knowledge of pedagogy and parenting. Just as my pedagogical sources of inspiration are very diverse, so are my art sources of inspiration,. Key to all my lessons is: observation, knowledge and understanding.

Increase your understanding of your partner
as a parent by learning about pedagogy and
improving your parenting skills, while enjoying
a romantic holiday in the south of France.

Everyone from the age of 18 is welcome during the experiences of Atelier Souriant.
We look forward to meeting you: à très bientôt!