Life Drawing: Beginners and advanced

The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art. – Leonardo da Vinci

Inspiring poses

Anyone who has ever drawn or painted a model can agree: More important than a ‘beautiful’ model is a model who feels confident and who can give the painter interesting poses and maintain them without showing any effort.

Eva has been a model for 5 years. Her main raison for being an art model is her fascination of the artist interpretation of the beautiful human body. She likes to be part of the creative process, in which the translation is made from reality to the created reality of the artist. In consultation with the teacher and the group, she will give you poses that are encouraging you to bring the best out of you. Because of her work in her own massage salon, she knows like no other how to create an atmosphere where everyone feels at ease.

The drawings shown here were made during
art classes where Eva has modeled.



The week from the 25th of June is fully booked. Welcome in another week!

On Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday we work 2.5 hours in the morning with Eva as a professional model. With a small group size of maximum 7 and with an experienced art teacher on hand to offer individual support and instruction it is ideal for those who would like personal feedback and guidance. This also makes the workshop suitable for all levels.

Of course you can use the afternoons to work on your art work in the atelier, but during the afternoons on these days, we also offer activities at La Forêt Souriante and its surrounding area. We will visit nearby plus beaux villages, gardens and beautiful riverside spots. You can choose to paint or draw in these inspiring places, hike, swim, stroll through one of the beautiful villages or even go kayaking.

During this holiday week you can also
enjoy a relaxing massage given by Eva
at an additional cost.

Even without any experience in (life) drawing you are very welcome at La Forêt Souriante to come and join us at this Life drawing holiday. Discover what the experienced participants have already discovered: the human body is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for creative work. Surprise yourself and find your handwriting and your personal, unique style.

The life drawing class is from 9.30 to 12.00.
After a tasty vegetarian lunch, you can independently work out your drawings in paint or other material in the studio or participate in one of the fun and inspiring extra activities. At the end of the afternoon we will discuss our work and share our experiences while enjoying a fresh squeezed fruit juice.