Life Drawing: For artists and keen amateurs

The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art. – Leonardo da Vinci

Inspiring poses

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Saturday July 13 – 20

Anyone who has ever drawn or painted a model can agree: More important than a ‘beautiful’ model is a model who feels confident and who can give the painter interesting poses and maintain them without showing any effort.
Our model offers a variety of inspiring poses. There is also variety in the materials you can use for your sketches and art work,

During this creative figure drawing and painting week we work with artistmodels, with often a yoga or dance background. They take poses in consultation with the experienced teacher and the group that can challenge you and make you feel confidence in your drawing or painting.


Enjoy also the attractive accommodations and the
beautiful area of La Forêt Souriante.



In the morning we work with a artist model for 2.5 hours, except on Wednesdays. The group is small (maximum 8 people), the teacher is experienced and the guidance is individual. This makes the creative holiday suitable for both artists and enthusiastic amateurs.

during the afternoons we offer 3 extra activities on La Forêt Souriante and the surrounding area: we visit nearby plus beaux villages, Abbaye de Beaulieu-en-Rouergue with an inspiring abstract art museum and beautiful places at the river. You can choose to paint or draw in these inspiring places or go for a hike, a swim in the river or stroll through one of the beautiful villages.

The large studio can also be used in the afternoon
developing the sketches from the morning session

Even without any experience in (life) drawing you are very welcome at La Forêt Souriante to come and join us at this Life drawing holiday. Discover what the experienced participants have already discovered: the human body is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for creative work. Surprise yourself and find your handwriting and your personal, unique style.