Please take into account that prices differ per workshop. Every accommodation is unique. It is therefore possible that your preferred accommodation has already been booked. We will then offer you an equally attractive alternative.

Accommodation options

  • Gîte Albizia. Do you want to know what this gîte looks like? Take a look at our website of La Forêt Souriante: Gîte Albizia
  • Gîte Lilas d’été. Do you want to know what this gîte looks like? Take a look at our website of La Forêt Souriante: Gîte Lilas d’été
  • Chambre d’hôte Souriante. Do you want to know what this gîte looks like? Take a look at our website of La Forêt Souriante: Chambre d’hôte Souriante
  • Chambre d’hôte Lilas d’été. Do you want to know what this gîte looks like? Take a look at our website of La Forêt Souriante: Chambre d’hôte Lilas d’été

Prices per experience per person

Stay in gîte Albizia or gîte Lilas d’été:

  • With occupancy of 2 persons, both persons participate in the creative lessons: € 1850,-
    = € 925 per person.
  • With occupancy of 2 persons, 1 person participates in the creative lessons*: € 1650,-
    = € 925 for participating person, € 725 for accompanying partner.
  • With occupancy of 1 person: € 1100,-.

Stay in chambre d’hôte Souriante or chambre d’hôte Lilas d’été :

  • Occupancy of 1 person: € 950,-.

A holiday week at La Forêt Souriante is also highly recommended for travel companions who do not participate in the lessons. Of course you can enjoy the meals and the trips as a travel companion. According to the accompanying partners in 2022, nature and the environment are a source of inspiration for (amateur) photographers. Our guests also enjoyed the bike rides in the area. You can bring your own bicycle or rent one in Najac.

For this price we offer you:

  • a 7 nights stay in one of the charming holiday homes at La Forêt Souriante.
    For more information about the accommodation during the workshops click here.
  • 7 x breakfast, 5 x lunch and 7 x dinner, all vegetarian home cooked meals.
  • daily classes, except on Wednesday
  • the basic painting materials are included. If you want to work on canvas or with oil paint, you have to bring these materials yourself. Are you unsure whether your material is included or do you want information about the materials: please feel free to contact us.
  • During the Masterclass Macramé holiday 400m of cotton (5mm) is included in the price.
  • 3 extra afternoon activities, like hiking, picknicking or visiting a lovely village
  • coffee, various kinds of tea, milk and sugar in the room.
  • good quality beds, which are already made for you on arrival.
  • the use of a generous amount of 100% cotton luxury towels, please bring your own swimming towe.
  • a beautiful garden with good garden furniture and a beautiful forest to walk in
  • free WIFI and good 4G coverage
  • the costs for electricity
  • tourist tax
  • the final cleaning of the bedrooms and bathrooms. We do appreciate it if you want to leave the room or gîte tidy, so that we have enough time to provide a clean and fresh holiday home for our next guests. Because all meals are provided, cleaning of the kitchen is not included in the price. We would like to ask you to leave the kitchen as you found it on the day of your arrival.

Not included in the price:

  • transport to and from La Forêt Souriante
  • Travel and cancellation insurance
  • canoe rental, bike rental, horseback riding or entrance fees during the extra activities

1. Reservation and cancellation policy

1.1 Bookings can be made by completing and sending the registration form. You will receive a message within 3 days after registration. If possible we will confirm the registration or we will offer you an alternative. You can then finalize the booking by paying a deposit of 25% of the full amount or by paying the full amount depending on the date of booking. By booking, you agree to the terms and conditions, as described here.
1.2 The deposit or payment must be made to Atelier Souriant within the specified period, mentioned in the confirmation. The remaining amount must be paid no later than 6 weeks before departure.
1.3 The registration is only final after payment of the deposit or upon payment of the full participation fee, depending on the date.
1.4 Participation in the activities and meals is voluntary. Participants are free to opt out of the program or skip the meals. However, this does not entitle you to get a refund nor to a replacement activity.
1.5 If participants decide to cancel, they are entitled to a refund of part of the participation costs owed:
In case of cancellation up to 8 weeks before the start of the holiday week, we will refund the total amount.
In case of cancellation from 8 weeks to 4 weeks before the arrival day, the deposit is due.
In case of cancellation from 4 weeks before the arrival day, we will charge you the total amount.
1.6 If the participant is unable to attend the holiday week, substitution is permitted. The details of the replacement participant must be communicated to Atelier Souriant no later than 48 hours before the start of the holiday week.
1.7 Atelier Souriant has the right to cancel the holiday week if there are good reasons to do so, including insufficient participants, illness of the teacher or the painter’s model or force majeure. In the event of cancellation, the participant is entitled to a refund of the participation costs. The participant is not entitled to any other compensation or damages.
1.8 Participation in the holiday week is possible for people aged 18 or older.


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2. Liability

2.1 Atelier Souriant will do its utmost to ensure a good and orderly holiday week and to provide all the correct information.
2.2 Participation in the holiday week is at your own risk. Atelier Souriant is not liable for injury and/or damage of any kind as a result of the participant’s stay and/or activities, nor for loss or damage to properties.
2.3 Physical complaints relevant to participation must always be reported to the teacher prior to an activity.
2.4 You hereby waive any claims against Atelier Souriant for any injury and/or damage that you may incur during the holiday week.

3. Rules and regulations

Please if you have any questions before or during your stay let us know:
We are happy to help!

3.1 The location is non-smoking.
3.2 The studio and the materials can also be used by the participants outside the lessons. Please leave the studio and materials as you found them.
3.3 Drawing and painting is allowed on the site outside and in the studio.
Drawing and painting is not allowed in the holiday homes.
3.2 The final cleaning of the bedroom and bathroom is included in the price. We ask you kindly to leave the accomodation tidy. This means that all furniture and other belongings are where they were on arrival. This also applies to the garden furniture. Cleaning for the use of the living room with kitchen is not included and we ask you to clean these rooms if you have used it. This means that here also all the furniture and other items are in its place where they were on arrival, the crockery and pans, etc. are clean in the cupboards, the dishwasher and refrigerator are empty and clean, the garbage cans are empty when you leave and please take the glass for glass recycling with you.