Teacher: Anita van Overmeeren

What we see changes what we know. What we know changes what we see – Jean Piaget


Telling stories without using any words but instead using a huge variety of materials makes me blissfully happy. For me it is not only about creating a pretty picture; it is mostly about the creation of a meaningful design: art that makes you think twice.

What story do you want to share? What do you feel is important to express in your design? During my art classes I am going to ask you these kind of questions to let you reflect on your art work. Questions that make you search for answers in various materials and different designs, after all, a piece of art is more than a pretty picture!


As a child I watched my mother behind the sewing machine with sheer fascination. It was intriguing to see her sewing so quickly and accurately one curtain after the other. She made complicated dungarees, jackets and lovely dresses for my sisters and me. Back then I already knew that, once the technique is in your fingers, you will enjoy designing whatever you like and simply make it!

Just like my mother took my creative skills to a higher level I like to help people taking their creative skills to a higher level. Experiencing that someone is cutting the mustard during my workshops, is one of the many little presents I get whilst teaching.

Pedagogy &

If my knowledge about pedagogy or parenting can make a child, a parent or a professional educator happier then I am a happy person!
I have not only developed my pedagogical knowledge by reading the theories of inspiring pedagogues psychologists and sociologists, but I have also acquired a large part of my knowledge by watching and listening carefully to children.

I am convinced that just following your intuition in raising children is not enough. Intuition is a good start, but with knowledge of pedagogical theories, parenting and educating becomes more fun, easier and more meaningful. I would like to show you how you can increase this knowledge.

Anita is a visual arts teacher, graduated from the Amsterdam School of the Arts. She is also a pedagogue and educationalist, she obtained both Masters at the Rijks Universiteit of Groningen.


Niets zo fijn als een verhaal vertellen zonder woorden met oneindig veel soorten materialen.