(Urban) sketching, draw what you see!

A line is a dot that went for a walk – Paul Klee

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zaterdag September 7 – 14

You’ve probably already seen them: the fascinating drawings of the ‘urban sketchers’. An urban sketcher is anyone who captures his or her environment in drawings without using a picture, They immediately draw what they see! It is such fun and everybody can learn this!

The term ‘urban sketching’ probably appeals more to the imagination than ‘drawing from life’, but the principles are the same. And the fun too! Sit (or stand behind an easel) and draw what you see.

After or during the ‘river’sketching of course there will
be enough time for that refrehing swim in the river.

Do you also want (to learn how) to capture your inspiring environment on paper? Anita teaches you all the techniques you need. We are going to draw in the garden and in the woodlands of La Forêt Souriante. But we also set out together to, of course, Najac, one of the plus beaux villages de France. We are also going to one of the many beautiful places in nature on the riverside and to the Abbey in Ginals.

The group is small (minimum 4, maximum 8 people), so there is a lot of room for discovering your own style and to discover what your favorite drawing material is. Grant yourself (alone or together) this inspiring holiday and enjoy drawing what you see and see what you are drawing! If you are also into delicious vegetarian meals and appreciate carefully decorated accomodations, then this holiday is made for you.

You can stay in this comfortable elegant gîte,
but the builing is also an inspiring subject to draw!

There is still so much beautiful drawings to make!
Why not make them in a beautiful and inspiring environment in nature?